The Anthology Collection

The Anthology Collection offers a peephole into the soul of AJABENG and window it’s creative aspirations. Each look, carefully curated, pays homage to design elements and philosophies that the brand seeks to explore more fully in subsequent collections while offering commentary on the brands current creative station. Being AJABENG’s first full-size collection, the collection is intentionally designed to present like an anthology of standalone works tied together by the brand’s commitment to be forcefully experimental yet conservative in equal measure. Anthology celebrates individualism while recognizing that the beauty of each individual is enhanced against the backdrop of community.

Technically, the Anthology Collection underscores AJABENG’s commitment to expert tailoring, and minimalist design inspired by Africa. It expands on the colour ways of the brand’s Feiz One and Two collections while staying true to the brands penchant for solid colours. The collection showcases the journey of growth, refinement and distillation the brand is on while offering a thinly veiled marker for what the brand aspires to be and contribute to the world of African fashion.


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Current collection and selected pieces from previous collections.