Pride of GHANA

The Pride of GHANA Spring/Summer 24′ collection is inspired by Nkrumah’s vision of freedom.

The collection seeks to highlight Nkrumah’s personal interest in music and his desire to Modernize Ghana through highlife, a culture in which sound and rhythm organize collective life.

Nkrumah, who best understood highlife’s critical potential to set a modernizing beat, turned his attention to culture. Recognizing the power of highlife to influence the population, particularly urban youth. Declaring that highlife was Ghana’s “national” dance music and that it, as well as stating that the country’s popular music scene needed to become more “Ghanaian” in composition and character.

The Pride of GHANA collection aims to celebrate the Pride of Highlife soundtrack to everyday life, awakening parts of the Ghanaian character that no colonial administration had ventured to rouse.