The AfroRomance Collection is a sequel to AJABENG’s debut full collection Anthology and seeks to further develop aesthetic themes first introduced by the former collection. It is a nostalgic ode to unfiltered romantic African love as intimately captured by the lenses of the continent’s most celebrated visual artists. Inspired by the work of Senegalese filmmaker Mati Diop and Ghanaian photographer James Barnor the collection attempts to capture the essence and blissfulness of young African love as masterfully as Diop does in her film Atlantic and as Barnor often did for Drum Magazine To achiev e this, the collection is set against the backdrop of the most popular of West African romantic settings the seaside, from which it draws its colour palette The collection’s delicate balance of sensuality and modesty is a nod to the young African women who have come to personify elegant sensuality.

Technically the AfroRomance Collection underscores AJABENG’s penchant for creative exploration while staying true to the brand’s core expert tailoring and minimalist design inspired by Africa The introduction of clasp buttons, a first for AJABENG and an intentional departure from the brand’s signature covered buttons is testament to this The collection also sees the introduction of a new bright cerulean colourway to the AJABENG family while staying true to the brands proclivity for solid colours AfroRomance showcases the journey of growth, refinement and distillation the brand is on and is the best representation yet of what AJABENG aesthetically represents


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